Friday, July 18, 2014

July 10, 2014 - Brooklyn

Location: Berry Park
Categories: Milhouse, Holidays
Episodes: El Viaje Mysterioso de Nuestro Homer, Lisa's Date With Density, Lemon Of Troy
Winner: Okay, Here's How It Goes: Jarrod's The Leader, Dave's The Loyal Sidekick, Lars Is The Tough Guy, Oren Is The Smart Guy, And John's The Quiet Religious Guy Who Ends Up Going Crazy

Final Standings: 1. Okay, Here's How It Goes: Jarrod's The Leader, Dave's The Loyal Sidekick, Lars Is The Tough Guy, Oren Is The Smart Guy, And John's The Quiet Religious Guy Who Ends Up Going Crazy, 49 pts
2. Doesn't This Team Know Any Songs That Aren't Commericals?, 48 pts
3. Hey, That Bug Looks Like Dan. Let's Squish Him! Okay, 44.5 pts
4. The Dogs With Bees In Their Mouths And When They Bark, They Shoot Bees At You, 44 pts
4. Like, You Know, Whatever, 44 pts
4. What'shisname And Whosit And That Guy, Always Wore A Shirt?, 44 pts
7. History's Greatest Monster, 43 pts
8. Fill Me (With Answers), 42 pts
9. Local Team Loses Pants, Life, 40.5 pts
10. Works On Contingency? No, Money Down!, 40 pts
11. We Only Do Trivia In Bar Form, 39.5 pts
12. Kruddle, 38 pts
13. Our Trivia Host's Name Is Dan? I've Been Calling Him Crandall!, 36.5 pts
14. The Cursed Handsome Devils, 36 pts
15. Sneed's Feed & Seed (Formerly Chuck's), 34.5 pts
16. Some Illegal Fireworks And One Of Those Disposable Enemas, 32 pts
17. Where's The Money? When Are You Going To Get The Money? Why Aren't You Getting It Right Now? And So On, So Please: The Money, 30.5 pts
18. Respected Private Citizen Tom Landry, 30 pts
19. Armin Tanzarian's Reign of Terror, 29.5 pts
20. The Municipal House Of Pancakes, 28 pts
21. Don't Call Our Team Mr. Scorpion, It's Mr. Scorpio, But Don't Call Us That Either, 25.5 pts
22. L'il Bastard Trivia Kit, 15 pts
23. Worker & Parasite, 12.5 pts
24. Gotta Go, My Damn Wiener Kids Are Listening, 10 pts
24. Purple Monkey Dishwasher, 10 pts

July 8, 2014 - Toronto

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Categories: Bill & Marty, Crimes & Punishments
Episodes: Homer At The Bat, 22 Short Films About Springfield, Bart Of Darkness
Winner: This Team Used To Rock And Roll All Nite And Party Every Day. Then It Was Every Other Day. Now We're Lucky To Find Half An Hour A Week In Which To Get Funky

Final Standings:
1. This Team Used To Rock And Roll All Nite And Party Every Day. Then It Was Every Other Day. Now We're Lucky To Find Half An Hour A Week In Which To Get Funky, 44 pts
2. The Nelsons featuring Frabulous, Grabulous, Zip-Zoop-Zabulous Team, 44 pts
3. Sabruddin Mahbaradad's Trivia Party!, 43.5 pts

4. "Oh, Simpsons Trivia, That's Cool" "Are You Being Sarcastic, Dude?" "I Don't Even Know Anymore", 42 pts
5. The Team That's Gonna Use Your Tongue to Paint Our Boat, 40.5 pts
6. Bear Patrol, 39.5 pts
6. Moleman in the Morning (Good Moleman to You), 39.5 pts
6. Sex Cauldron, 39.5 pts
9. There is Someone Among Us With a Guilty Conscience. After Much Soul-Searching, I Decided It Would Be Wrong of Me To Name Names, But I Urge That Guilty Person, Here, Under the Eyes of God, to Confess and Save Yourself From the Torment of Your Own Personal Hell! Oh, What the Hell, It Was Chris Brazeau!!, 38.5 pts
10. The Team That Put a Pinch of Sage in Our Boots, And All Day Long A Spicy Scent is Our Reward, 37.5 pts
11. Baby… Baby… Lemon, 37 pts
11. Monstromart: Where Shopping is a Baffling Ordeal, 37 pts
11. Parade to Distract Joyless Citizenry, 37 pts
14. The Knifey Spooneys, 36.5 pts
15. Locker Room Towel Fight: The Blinding of Larry Driscoll, 36 pts
15. Monsters of Poetry, 36 pts
15. We're Here For Microwave Cookery. No Wait, Coping With Senility, 36 pts
18. University of Minnesota Spankological Protocol, 35.5 pts
19. Family. Religion. Friendship. These are the Three Demons You Must Slay if You Wish to Succeed At Trivia, 35 pts
20. Allied Biscuit, 34.5 pts
20. Armin's Frozen Peas, 34.5 pts
22. Our Team is Kinda Like Jesus, But Not in a Sacriligious Way, 34 pts
22. The Party Posse, 34 pts
22. The Rand Corporation, in Conjunction with the Saucer People, Under the Supervision of the Reverse Vampires, 34 pts
25. My Team's a Box, Damn You! A Box!!!, 33 pts
25. The Paddling of the Swollen Ass (With Paddles), 33 pts
27. Snack-Related Mishap, 32.5 pts
27. Tartar Control Duff, 32.5 pts
29. Queen of the Harpies, 31.5 pts
29. Whoa… I Have Mustard, 31.5 pts
31. Twelve Yards Long & Two Miles Wide, 30.5 pts
32. The Team That Tastes Like a Peanut When You Kiss It, 30 pts
33. Mr. Kookalamanza and Some Real-a Ugly Kid, 29.5 pts
34. Attention Everyone! The Punch Has Been Spiked! But Don't Worry, Your Parents Have Been Called and Will Be Here To Pick You Up!, 28.5 pts
35. Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp, 26.5 pts
35. Oh Chris, I'd Be Lying if I Said My Team Wasn't Committing Crimes, 26.5 pts
37. Skincare Consultant Rowena, 26 pts
38. Hey, Und Dummkopf! Watch Out For The World Cup Trophy In My Trunk!, 25.5 pts
39. The Wild Katz, 25 pts
40. Cesspool on the Potomac, 24 pts
40. Hot Beef Injection, 24 pts
40. This Team is a Part of Us All! A Part of Us All! A Part of Us All!, 24 pts
43. DARRRRRRYL!, 23.5 pts
44. Standing on Their Hing Legs Like a Bunch of Rory Calhouns, 22 pts
45. The Bouvier Twins, 21.5 pts
46. Team Germany: Not All Smiles and Sunshine, 20.5 pts
46. The Jive Turkeys, 20.5 pts
48. The Bang Bang Barts, 19.5 pts
49. The Suckiest Bunch of Sucks Who Ever Sucked, 19 pts
50. Stoner's Pot Palace, 15.5 pts
51. I Think This Team's Name is Mother Shabooboo Now, 15 pts
51. The Cowabungholes, 15 pts
53. Zissou, 11 pts
54. Poison… Poison… Tasty Fish!, 10.5 pts
55. Skittle-Brau, 9.5 pts
56. Gudger College Dropouts, 6.5 pts
56. OTM SHANK, 6.5 pts
58. Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!, 4.5 pts

July 8, 2014 - Hamilton

Location: The Anchor Bar

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 23, 2014 - Vancouver

Location: SD Galleria
Episodes: Kamp Krusty, the PTA Disbands, Homer the Great
Categories: Principal Skinner, Itchy and Scratchy
Winner: The Leaderbeans

Final Standings:
1. The Leaderbeans, 43 pts
2. Krusterrific, 40.5 pts
3. Flintstones Chewable Morphine, 38.5 pts
4. You Want Us To Show This Question To The Cat, And Have The Cat Tell You What It Is? 'Cuz The Cat's Going To Get It!, 36 pts
5. Grade F Meat: Mostly Circus Animals, Some Filler, 35 pts
5. Born To Runner Up, 35 pts
7. The Homer Sexuals, 34 pts
7. The Erotic Awakening Of 'S', 34 pts
9. The Rand Corporation In Conjunction With The Saucer People Under The Supervision Of The Reverse Vampires, 33 pts
10. Those Egg Council Creeps, 32.5 pts
11. Tethered Swimming, 31.5 pts
12. Bort, 30.5 pts
13. Lee Carvalho's Putting Challenge, 30 pts
14. The Senile Bucktoothed Old Mummies With Bony Girl Arms Who Smell Like An Elephants Butts, 29.5 pts
15. Professor Horatio Hufnagel's Contrabulous Fabtraption, 29 pts
15. Bent Wookies, 29 pts
17. All The Kids On This Team Are S.O.B.s, 28 pts
18. Nuke The Whales, 27.5 pts
19. The Hammock District (Down On Third), 26 pts
20. You'll Have To Speak Up, We're Wearing Towels, 25.5 pts
21. It Makes Sex Look Like A Church!, 24.5 pts
22. Three Stooges Syndrome, 15 pts
23. Strawberry Squishee, 13 pts
24. The Krebappels, 11 pts
25. Thrillho #1, 10 pts
26. The Steelworkers of America, 9 pts
27. Thrillho A, 6 pts

June 16, 2014 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Episodes: Saturdays of Thunder, Simpson and Delilah, King-Size Homer
Categories: Grampa Simpson, TV Shows
Winner: Hi, We're India's Answer To Brian Dennehy, You May Remember Us From Such Team Names As The Black Smithers and This Team's Real Name Is Corky

Final Standings:
Hi, We're India's Answer To Brian Dennehy, You May Remember Us From Such Team Names As The Black Smithers and This Team's Real Name Is Corky, 47.5 pts
Hey! This is Richard Nixon's Trivia Team!  We Just Crossed Out His Name and Put Ours!, 47 pts
3. The Vassar Bashers, 46 pts
3. Oh, I'll Kill Myself if Portugal Doesn't Win!, 46 pts
5. Are Poo and Ass Taken?, 43 pts
5. The Throbbing Biological Urges, 43 pts
7. Town Jubilation Committee, 42 pts
7. The Southern Dandies, 42 pts
9. The Erotic Awakening of S, 41.5 pts
Ariaga!, Ariaga II!, Bariaga!, Aruglia! and Pizozza!, 41.5 pts
Your Older, Balder, Fatter Team, 39 pts
Fuzzy Bunny's Guide To You-Know-What, 38.5 pts
13. North Kilttowners, 37.5 pts
The Pimps and the C.H.U.D.s36.5 pts
Simpsons Trivia Sucks, Let's Play Hungry Hungry Hippos, 36.5 pts
Professor VJ Cornucopia's Fantastic Foodmagorium and Great American Steakery, 36.5 pts
17. Pin Pals, 36 pts
The First Non-Brazilian Team To Travel Backwards Through Time, 36 pts
Rowdy Members of Chugalug House, 35 pts
20. Brown and Water, 33.5 pts
20. WO__D_ F_IR, 33.5 pts
9th Bearded Infantry, 31 pts
Our Team Has A First Name, It's F-R-I-T-Z, Our Team Has a Second Name It's S-C-H-N-A-C-K-E-N-P-F-E-F-F-E-R-H-A-U-S-E-N, 30.5 pts
23. The Ides of Marge, 30.5 pts
23. St. Sebastian's School for Wicked Girls, 30.5 pts
25. The Dogs with Bees in Their Mouths, 29 pts
26. Bent Wookiees, 28 pts
27. Rowdy Roddy Peepers, 27 pts
27. Spin the Middle Side Topwise, 27 pts
29. I'm Not Gay, But I'll Learn, 25.5 pts
30. Senor Spielbergo's Filmmakers Union Local #312, 21.5 pts
31. Brittany Murphy Died at Age 30, 20.5 pts
32. Say It, Chowder!, 19.5 pts
33. Up With Mini-Skirts, 18.5 pts

Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 10, 2014 - Toronto

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: Radio Bart, Homer & Apu, Lemon of Troy
Categories: Snake, Getaways & Vacations
Winner: The Nelsons featuring The Team That Fought So Poorly and Surrendered So Badly

Final Standings:
1. The Nelsons featuring The Team That Fought So Poorly and Surrendered So Badly, 44 pts (won tiebreak)
2. Why Would They Come To Simpsons Trivia Just To Boo Us?, 44 pts
3. The Beer Barons, 43 pts
4. Only Who Can Win at Trivia? You Have Selected "You", Referring to Our Team. The Correct Answer is "You", 42 pts
5. The Partially Gelatinated, Non-Dairy, Gum-Based Beverages (Don't Call Us Shakes), 41.5 pts
6. "Oh, Simpsons Trivia. That's Cool." "Are You Being Sarcastic, Dude?" "I Don't Even Know Anymore", 40 pts
6. Moleman In The Morning (Good Moleman To You), 40 pts
6. Sex Cauldron, 40 pts
6. We Are The Stupid Morons With Ugly Faces and Big Butts and Our Butts Smell and We Like to Kiss Our Own Butts, 40 pts
10. Not Those Peanuts...The Ones At The Bottom, 39.5 pts
11. The Team That Shrieks Like a Woman and Keeps Sobbing Until the Other Teams Turn Away in Disgust, 39 pts
12. Our Team Drives Like This: A-Doo Doo Doo. Doo Doo Doo. Other Teams Drive Like This: Dee Dee Dee. Dee Dee Dee Dee, 38.5 pts
13. The Rand Corporation in Conjunction with the Saucer People, Under the Suprvision of the Reverse Vampires, 36 pts
14. The Suckiest Bunch Of Sucks Who Ever Sucked, 35.5 pts
15. Funk Dancing For Self Defense, 35 pts
15. Persephone? People Don't Want Trivia Teams Named After Hungry Old Greek Broads, 35 pts
17. The Team Who's Going to Get Some Vegetarian Chili Before They Get Desparate And Add Meat, 34.5 pts
18. The Team That Calls Themselves "You Know Who" Just Invited You to a Secret "Wink Wink" at the "You Know What", 34 pts
18. We'll Live Like Kings! Damn Hell Ass Kings!, 34 pts
20. Company L, 33.5 pts
20. First Place Team Credits High Score to Satan, 33.5 pts
20. Get Mendoza, 33.5 pts
20. Native American Ice Cream (Formerly Big Chief Crazy Cone), 33.5 pts
20. The Junior Vice Presidents, 33.5 pts
25. One of Those Porno Magazines, a Box of Condoms, a Bottle of Old Harper, a Box of Panty Shields, and Some Illegal Fireworks. And One of Those Disposable Enemas. Nah, Make It Two, 33 pts
26. Nobody Likes Milhouse!, 32.5 pts
26. This Team Engaged In Intercourse With Your Spouse or Significant Other, 32.5 pts
28. The Capital Knockers, 32 pts
28. This Isn't Rocket Science, It's Brain Surgery, 32 pts
30. Put It In H, 31.5 pts
31. Guff-Speaking Work-Slackers, 30.5 pts
32. Our Team Is Made Up Of: salt, Artificial Honey-Roasting Agents, Pressed Peanut Sweepings, 29.5 pts
33. The Team That Makes Sex Look Like A Church...And Then Giggles Like A Schoolgirl, 29 pts
34. Man Alive! There Are Men Alive In Here, 28.5 pts
35. Reservoir Cats, 28 pts
35. Snack-related Mishap, 28 pts
37. Bonus Eruptus (It's a Terrible Disorder Where the Skeleton Tries to Leap out of the Mouth and Escape the Body), 27 pts
37. I Am A Little Spanish Flea, 27 pts
39. We're Supposed To Be A Trivia Team, Not A Bleedin' Splish-Splash Show, 26 pts
39. Milpool, 26 pts
41. Rowdy Roddy Peepers, 25.5 pts
42. Guy Incognito, 25 pts
43. Three Bad Neighbors, 23.5 pts
43. We Should Call Our Team Johnny Deformed, 23.5 pts
45. The Frequents of Maison Derriere, 23 pts
46. Discovery Channel 6, 22.5 pts
47. Gudger College Dropouts, 21 pts
48. Don't You Hate Pants, 19.5 pts
49. Ding. Freedom. Dong. Opportunity., 18.5 pts
49. Team VII: Adrian's Revenge, 18.5 pts
51. The Extra B is For BYOBB. What's The Second B For? Best Team Ever!, 16.5 pts
52. The Team That'll Learn Bart To Bust Their Tomater, 15 pts
53. Call Us Mr. Devereaux, 13.5 pts
54. The Dawgz With Bees In Their Mouths, 9 pts
55. Egg Advisory Council, 3 pts

June 5, 2014 - Brooklyn

Location: Berry Park
Episodes: Homerpalooza, 22 Short Films About Springfield, The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show
Categories: Rainier Wolfcastle, Birthdays
Winner: Moochin' War Widows

Final Standings:
1. Moochin' War Widows, 49.5 pts
2. The Gay Robots Of Star Wars, 49 pts
3. Can you Repeat The Part Of The Stuff Where You Said All About The Things...The Things?, 46 pts
4. They Called Us Team Gorgeous, Later On It Was Team Presentable, Then Team Gruesome. And The Finally Team Moe, 45 pts
5. Taking You To Hooters...I Don't Wanna Bother Mom, 42 pts
6. See The Thing Is, White People Have Names Like Dan, And White People Have Names Like Dan, 41 pts
7. Funky See, Funky Do, 40.5 pts
7. This Team Would Also Like To Express Its Fondness For That Particular Beer, 40.5 pts
9. Hydro, The Team With The Hydraulic Arms, 40 pts
10. Mountain Dew or Crab Juice?, 36.5 pts
11. The Committee To Re-Elect Councilman Les Weinan, 35 pts
12. You Have Asthma?, 34 pts
13. Twirling, Twirling, Twirling Towards Freedom, 33 pts
14. Worker & Parasite 2, 31.5 pts
15. Here Comes A Greaseball, 31 pts
16. It's A Pornography Store, I Was Buying Pornography, 30 pts
16. Worker & Parasite 1, 30 pts
18. The Competent Trivia Work Of Don Brewer, 27 pts
18. The Nice Team That Caught The Snake In Your Basement, 27 pts
20. Those Blue Cupcakes They Sell Sometimes, 25.5 pts
21. The Team That Got More Gongs Than The Breakdancing Robot That Caught On Fire, 23.5 pts
22. Works On Contigency? No, Money Down!, 23 pts
23. Little Bart (*crack*), Little Lisa (*crack*), Little Marge (*whoosh*) And The Rest, 22.5 pts
24. Inflatable Bath Pillow Fighters, 22 pts
25. Thrillho, 21.5 pts
26. Simpsicalifrajilisticexpiali(annoyed grunt)cious, 20 pts
27. The Big Book Of British Smiles, 19.5 pts
27. L'il Bastard Trivia Kit, 19.5 pts
29. Jub-Jub, 18.5 pts
30. Compuglobalhypermeganet, 17.5 pts
31. The Be Sharps, 17 pts
32. Think Of Them As Little Horses, 16 pts
33. The Suckiest Bunch Of Sucks Who Ever Sucked, 12.5 pts
34. The Principals Or The Caterpillars, 9 pts